US Pledges Support to Balkan Nations

Things have begun to look up even more than in recent years for nations in the Balkans as both the United States and many nations in Europe have begun to voice their support towards the integration of the nations in this region not only into the European Union, but also several other organizations. The US has been particular vocal in expressing its support of the Western Balkan nations and encouraging European partners in diplomacy to do the same as they extend their efforts to improve trade in the region. According to the US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, the Obama administration wishes to help the Balkans emerge as a power house of stability and peace in Southern Europe. The advances made by a number of countries in the region have encouraged the US President, Steinburg has stated. By pursuing common goals together, official expressed, the US, the Balkan nations and all of Europe stand to gain quite a lot in terms of trade and other important elements of international prosperity.

Quality of life for citizens of the region has been a top priority for the current US administration, according to the official and he has been impressed during visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Slovenia. During a visit to the Slovenian capitol of Ljubljana, Steinberg praised the nation for being a key partner in promoting peace and becoming a NATO ally that has helped in conflicts against terrorist in the Middle East. He further commented that Slovenia has done well in using its success to promote better opportunities for its own people.

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