Italy to Support Serbia in EU Status

During a recent visit to the Serbian capitol city of Belgrade, the preisdent of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, stated to the local press reporters that Italy will be the first country to ratify the European Union’s Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) that has been extended to Serbia. The press release statement from the Government of Serbia reported that during the state visit, Fini had a meeting with Mirko Cvetkovic, the Prime Minister of Serbia, to discuss the arrangement before making a formal announcement to reporters. The SAA agreement lays out all of the provisions which are part of a nation becoming a member of the EU, as many Balkan countries are looking to do. Each member state formally signs the agreement to offically approve the EU status of all new incoming nations.

Fini has stated that he believes the move by his home nation of Italy signals an important gesture for Serbia, backed by the Italian government which views Serbia as an important new addition to the EU not just due to its contribution to the EU itself, but to the Balkan region, as well. With EU integration, Serbia stands to advance its political status in the global community beyond the EU and may be able to further expand its economic opportunities for both foreign investors and more trade relations around the world. For his part, Cvetkovic expressed thankfulness to the Italian minister for the encouragement from his nation. More discussion between the two men will lead to future economic partnerships between both countries, say political insiders.

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